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Provider     Verizon Wireless
Months left on Contract     12
Contract Expiration Date

All Verizon contract transfers conducted through Celltradeusa will automatically default to 12 months for the customer taking over your contract.

Cell Phone Information

Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
LG G2 See Comments $20.00  
LG G2 See Comments $20.00  

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The plan is an older plan that allows you to get a $200 credit per line every two years. Cell phones are actually LG G3, and were protected by sturdy phone cases, they are in like new conditions. Also, will come with the case and one or two spare batteries and the spare battery charger. The plan can be upgraded to a current plan without extra fee; however, I always kept it at this as I prefered the lower monthly fees of the $200 off/phone plan. 4 GB/month plan. Plan is $160/month

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