Company Overview is the world's first company to help consumers to Get Out of their cell phone contracts without paying hefty early termination fees of $150 - $250 dollars per line. has developed a unique match-making system that expands on something that the carriers already offer their customers - "contract transfers"

The idea is simple. The carriers have a big investment in their customers, but that relationship works both ways. Ok, so they give their customer a way to avoid the early termination fees if they can find someone to fulfill the contract and secure the original investment. That sounds fair, right? We think so. But, before the problem was that consumers never had anyone to take over their contract.

In 2003, we developed an online system for Get Out consumers that had no one to take over their plan. We plug them into a nationwide network of Get In consumers who are looking for short-term plans with no activation fee of 35-45 dollars, perhaps a free phone, accessories, or even cash. We match them up! They do the transfer directly with the carrier.

The carrier gets the original contract fulfilled. They also get a happier customer that can have service with them for years. More importantly, the carrier creates good will for all humankind ;)

It's a win-win for everyone.


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