Advertise on Celltradeusa is the world's first company to offer consumers a way to Get Out of their cell phone contracts without paying hefty early termination fees of $150-$250 per line. attracts a unique and highly sought after audience. We attract cell phone and wireless consumers who aren't happy with their current wireless solution. Our audience is overflowing with consumers at a crossroad-trying to make the best decision about their next wireless solution. Our audience is very internet savvy, consumer electronics friendly, and tech-oriented.

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What others are saying


"Great Service! I met someone in two days..."

Mark G, NYC


"So glad to see someone is trying to do something about these crazy early termination fees... I avoided paying 600 using your service..."

Peggy S., AK


"Thanks guys! I gave away my Razr with 7 months left, I couldn't get service anywhere. Pay to get out of a service that doesn't work. That's a novel idea... I will tell everyone I know about Celltradeusa"

Carolina C., NJ


"There are advantages on both sides: The seller gets out of the long contract. The Get In user takes over a shorter term contract and pays no activation fee."

Mary Rowland - Reader's Digest


"The solution might be the power of the internet... All of the providers allow a contract to be signed over to someone else. There is an online business in trading those contracts... the best known is"

New York Times