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The listing fee is valid for the duration of time stated in the package selected and may be extended at our discretion. Celltradeusa.com reserves the right to cancel a Get In or Get Out member or user registration at any time without refund if it appears the registration is being utilized for marketing purposes or other improper uses. Please note that Celltradeusa.com makes no guarantee concerning a listing's availability or that the Get In or Get Out user will make any effort to correspond with you


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Refund Policy

Celltradeusa.com will adhere to the following policies:

General Refund Policies and Guidelines

  1. Multiple or duplicate charges are automatically eligible for refund
  2. No refunds will be issued after the original date of purchase regardless of reason, except under circumstance of legitimate claims of fraud that are investigated thoroughly through the issuing bank and proven to be fraudulent
  3. Discounted services and/or promotional programs are not eligible for refund under any circumstances

Specific Refund Polices for Get Out Member Services

  1. Listing Fees- Not refundable under any circumstances. (Encompasses all "Transfer of responsibility")
  2. Listing Upgrade Charges- Not refundable under any circumstances. ("Listing Upgrade Charges" refer to actual listing enhancements and services offered to create greater listing exposure both internally and externally from the Celltradeusa.com website)

Other Refund Policies

  1. A policy change of any type by a cellular service provider is not grounds for a refund from either a Get In member or Get Out member perspective. This is true even if a cellular service provider discontinues permitting transfer of contract responsibilities period
  2. Claiming one did not understand or was unsure of a program that they registered for does not merit a refund
  3. Not responsible for refunds from the sale of any product, good or service from any one of our affiliates, or marketing partners

Celltradeusa.com reserves the right to change any and all refund policies at any time