Unlimited Data & Voice for 2 lines w/ Samsung Galaxy Note 3



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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     26
Contract Expiration Date     12-29-2015

Cell Phone Information

Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Like New $300.00  

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$110.00 for 2 lines (Unlimited Data & Voices) Currently has 23% discount which is -$25.30 so that comes out to $84.70 before taxes. You can't find any Sprint deal lower than that. Yes that $42.35 (before tax) per line. You can always add additional line $19.99. First line contract expiration is 12/29/2015, second line has no contract. Second phone is iPhone 4S 32GB free. Original box and manual, including all accessories are included.

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