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Provider     T-Mobile
Months left on Contract     29
Contract Expiration Date     10-02-2015

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Apple iphone 5 Like New Free  

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Disclaimer: Have no idea why it says 1 month left on the contract date, but it's actually 10 more months. Hello! I've got a LIKE NEW iPhone 5c WHITE on the T-mobile network up for grabs! My plan is pretty great actually considering how expensive other plans are out there. I have Unlimited Talk/Text and used to have Unlimited DATA before this month (December: where I chose to downgrade to 5GB of data cuz I realized I didn't need so much) for a decent, good price. If you switch to my plan and you want unlimited data, you can change it back to that. Price differs only slightly; not significant. As I scrolled through my billing history trying to find when I first started my contract, I couldn't believe it already been 8 months. My phone literally works the same as it did back then and I have kept a case on it and screen protector. All in all, this deal is a steal!

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