2 Smart Phone + 1 Flip Sprint 8 Month Plan



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Contract Information

Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     13
Contract Expiration Date     01-01-2017

Cell Phone Information

Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Used Free  
Samsung Galaxy S4 Used Free  
Kyocera Torque Used Free  

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This is a 3 cell phone framily plan, I have 2 smart phones and one flip one. The plan ends january 1st next year. The kyrocera kona flip phone line can upgrade in 5 months vs 8 months for the other two smart phones. My smart phones are actually a Galaxy Note 4 in white and a Samsung Galaxg S5 in dark blue. My smart phones with tons of batteries, case accessories, cables, glass screen protectors. The note 4 line and kyrocera line are phones thay are to keep and the s5 is a lease. You will get unlimited talk, text 1 gb data for 150 a month. You can even upgrade to unlimited data with sprint for another 20 per line with yearly upgrades . includes all phones + plan 150 a month$$ Note 4+ S5 are in excellent condition. The kona is in decen5 condition as well.

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