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Provider     Verizon Wireless
Months left on Contract     12
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All Verizon contract transfers conducted through Celltradeusa will automatically default to 12 months for the customer taking over your contract.

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Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
HTC Droid Incredible 4g lte Like New Free  

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Please help me out of my contract! I will give you my used OG Motorola Droid (basically a classic) and my Droid Incredible for free the Droid Incredible has had a case and screen protector on it from day one. The OG Droid (not pictured) is a little more loved. Help me out and this should work to both our advantage! (celltradeusa wouldn't let me select my 1st generation Droid Incredible so I had to choose the 4G LTE. Just FYI)

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