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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     38
Contract Expiration Date     12-20-2014

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Used Free  

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Moved to Pickerington, Ohio and get little to no signal within my house. Love the phone and phone works absolutely fine. Comes with Otterbox protective case, house charger and car charger. Current contract is Unlimited internet, unlimited text, 450 anytime minutes, free nights and weekends. Current Goverment 15% discount at $68 bucks a month. Phone is exactly one year old with little to no damage and works great. Why pay for a new Note 2 with a two year contract. Get a great one year old phone free with one year left on a low priced great goverment discounted $68 dollar a month contract. Sprint will allow you to upgrade to unlimited everything for $79 a month or just take over the remaining year.

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