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December 06, 12
Get Out of Your Cell Contract for Free
CelltradeUSA makes it easier for you to avoid early termination penalties

September 01, 12
Breaking Free of a Cellular Contract

New Web Sites Help Customers Swap or Resell Phone Service; Avoiding $175 Termination Fee

August 31, 12
Swap Out Your Cell Service
Cell service not what it was cracked up to be? Set yourself free.

September 26, 13
Mystery Cell Phone Charges
Cell phone companies and third-party vendors, eager to pry more money from subscribers' wallets

September 26, 13
Break free from wallet-squeezing fees
If you decide to switch to a different cell phone carrier before your contract is up, you'll be subject to an early termination fee

September 26, 13
A better way to escape cell phone jail
Cell phones are a bit like the weather.? Everyone complains about them, but no one's doing anything.?

September 26, 13
One-Up Your Cell Carrier
In the U.S., it can be easier to end a marriage than to leave a loveless relationship with Verizon or Cingular.

September 26, 13
Site Offers Cell Phone Contract Swapping
A new Web site claims to enable consumers to swap their cell phone contracts with others. Consumers now face hefty termination fees if they want to terminate their contract early, even if it's because service is inadequate in their area.

September 26, 13
New website helps customers resell phone services
Terminating a cellphone contract before the contract has run out can be a costly affair, with fees running as high as $250.

September 26, 13
Want to get out of your cell phone contract?
There might be a way to swap your deal and pick up a new phone. It’s called, a website that matches people wanting to get out of their cell phone contracts with others who are willing to take them over.


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