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Get Out: a cell phone customer that wants out of a cell phone contract without paying $150-$250 early termination fees. This variety of wireless consumer has been spotted in public hitting their phone, screaming over dropped calls, and standing awkwardly in the crane position to improve cell phone reception. They are willing to offer incentives to anyGet In takers who are serious, qualified, and want to do a contract transfer asap.
Get In: an educated customer who wants a cell phone with a shorter-term contract. These individuals have an inherent distaste for two year contracts. Get In users are literally taking over the remaining months of someone else's cell phone contract to help them avoid paying early termination fees of $150-250 per line. In return, Get In users often look to take over plans from Get Out users that offer the best combination of plan, carrier and incentives like free phone, accessories and even cash. Our service is 100% free for Get In users!

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